Our Philosophy

We think differently than others. Our company believes that you have worked hard through the years taking care of your home. You made a sound investment when you purchased your home. As prices of homes escalate, commission fees are going higher because they are based on the sales price of your home. We believe in and we’ve delivered – Common Sense Real Estate. By charging a Flat Fee Price to market (list) your home, we afford you the opportunity to capture the increased appreciation. We want you to realize the profit. We want you to be able to reinvest in another primary residence or perhaps a second home. Retaining your earned equity should allow you to do this. It doesn’t cost us anymore to market a $1 million home than it does a $100,000 home, so we pass the savings on to you! We have a tested, proven, and trusted system. We will exceed your expectations!

What makes for great thinking?

  • Seeing the wisdom of big-picture thinking
  • Unleashing the potential of focused thinking
  • Discovering the joy of creative thinking
  • Recognizing the importance of realistic thinking
  • Releasing the power of strategic thinking
  • Feeing the energy of possibility thinking
  • Embracing the lessons of reflective thinking
  • Questioning the acceptance of popular thinking
  • Encouraging the participation of shared thinking
  • Experiencing the satisfaction of unselfish thinking
  • Enjoying the return on bottom-line thinking